Best of Festival:  “The Bouquet”
Romain Carciofo and Julien Segard, France

Brian Meade Award for Best Local Film: “State Inspection”
David Smith, Huntington, West Virginia

Best Student Film: “Don’t Think About It”
Directed by Niv Klainer, Produced by Victoria Aleksanyan (Columbia University), New Jersey / New York

Best Animation: “Hope”
Michael Scherrer, Switzerland

Best Documentary: “In the Thicket: The Tony Bosco Story”
Nick Czerula, New Hampshire

Best Actress
Nicole Jones
“Four Day Weekend”

Best Actor
John Adrian Riley

Best Director
Zach Daulton

Best Screenplay
Nicole Jones
“Four Day Weekend”

Best Cinematography
Bjorn Charpentier
“About the Boy Who Ate an Oakwood Chair”